Peter Coffee

Peter Coffee, Vice President for Strategic Research at Salesforce, has been with the company for ten years. He collaborates with a global customer and partner community on CIO strategies, security practices, application development models, and delivery of connected product and big data solutions in concert with account teams in many industries. Prior to joining Salesforce, Peter spent eighteen years as a technology analyst, columnist, and editor for IT publications including eWEEK and PC Week, while also contributing to other journals including Computer Language and AI Expert. He has written widely on cloud security and privacy, and was a chapter contributor to Prentice Halls Nanotechnology: Science, Innovation, and Opportunity. His own published books are How to Program Java and Peter Coffee Teaches PCs. He previously served as the first Manager for Desktop Computing Planning at The Aerospace Corporation, where he also worked in space-asset applications of AI techniques. Before that, he held various project management and cost engineering roles at Exxon Corporation, including chemical facility cost control and arctic resource development in locations ranging from the Gulf of Mexico to the Alaskas Beaufort Sea. Peter received his engineering degree from MIT in 1978 and an MBA from Pepperdine University in 1985; he has held college faculty appointments in expert-systems programming, IT management, and business analytics, while also lecturing at Stanford, CalTech, Harvard Business School, and the Sloan School of Management at MIT as well as other institutions in Europe, Asia and South America. He advises on curriculum and degree program planning in analytics and big data initiatives for three U.S. universities.